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Why register?

IHLIA Open Up! welcomes private persons and organisations from all countries to explore the Website and view the available, and growing, Content on LGBT matters. To respect copyright conditions and privacy, IHLIA Open Up! makes the Open Up! collection accessible through three tiers: open access (public), exchange and share (LGBT community and researchers) and restricted access (archive owners and researchers). See for more information about the three tiers the table below.

To access the Content, we ask you to enter your personal and contact information in the registration form at the Website and agree to a set of conditions for use. Upon this application, access to the Content is granted for the duration of 6 months. After this period, we require that you renew your application if you wish to continue to have access to the Content.

After registration, you will receive a username and a password by e-mail. We require that you treat your username and password with discretion and do not pass them on to others. This is important, among other reasons, to avoid copyright violations. Upon violation of this requirement or of the terms of use in general, access will be denied to you permanently. For IHLIA Open Up!’s terms of use, click here. Organisations are asked to allow each individual to have an individual account.

At present, registration and access to the Content is free of charge for all Users. This is intended to remain so provided that external funding keeps covering our costs. Any future maintenance fee will affect new Users and Users who renew their application.

3 tiers

With each tier comes a different set of users, different levels of copyright clearance and conditions/restrictions for access and use. The purpose of the middle tier is to provide a space and means for LGBT organisations in particular to share and exchange their histories and emancipation efforts. This is seen as a creative solution for organisations to ‘open up’ their archives within their community but not necessarily to the public.




User conditions

ONE -Open access


Members of the public

  • No application process
  • Log-in and password (registration)
  • Access renewable every 6 months (change password)
  • View only (select, copy and print of text disabled)

TWO - Exchange and share


  • LGBT organisations who are members of ILGA, IGLYO, ILGA-Europe
  • LGBT archive organisations
  • Researchers/students
  • Application process (IHLIA to approve)
  • Log-in and password (registration)
  • Access limited to duration of membership or research
  • View, print and copy with restrictions on quantities

THREE - Restricted access


  • Archive contributors
  • Researchers/students
  • IHLIA staff
  • Application process for researchers
  • View only for researchers (select, copy and print of text disabled)
  • As per IHLIA’s standard practice

We hope you enjoy the benefits of the online Content. If you wish to terminate your registration before the end of the 6-month period, please send an email to or call +31 (0)20-5230837.

Your personal and contact details provided at registration including your username and password are stored in a protected environment (standard security) at our server. Your personal and contact details will not be rented or sold to, or shared with third-parties for benefits. Your User statistics may be used by IHLIA Open Up! for anonymous data analysis and statistics. For IHLIA Open Up!’s privacy policy, click here