ILIS (International Lesbian Information Service) [in possession of IHLIA, the Netherlands]

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Conference reports, magazines, minutes, newspaper clippings, preconference papers, reports


CE Europe




The International Lesbian Information Service (ILIS) was founded by ILGA in 1980 and became an independent organisation in 1981. ILIS organised several conferences and also published its own newsletter. Activities ceased in the late 1990s. The archive contains documents concerning several ILIS Conferences and newspaper clippings, e.g. about homosexuality in Cuba, Hungary, Poland and Romania and about the first lesbian meetings in Czechoslovakia. Plus a report of the Eastern Europe Information Pool 1984, Overview of Eastern Europe, Lesbians in East Germany, a letter by Magnus from Yugoslavia, Lesbian associations in Yugoslavia and an article in Raffia about Hungarian youth. In the ILIS archive you can also find documents concerning the 3rd Regional Conference of lesbians and homosexual men in Eastern and Southeastern Europe (April 1989), Budapest, Hungary organised by Homeros Lambda.


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Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish

conference reports, magazines, minutes, newspaper clippings, preconference papers, reports

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children, conferences, discrimination, family, fundraising, health, law, lesbians, LGBTI organisations, LGBTI rights, social processes